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Crater Craft has been a world in the making! As lead concept and artist I have overseen the development of the entire crater, all the buildings and their upgrades, props and furniture items. Having to deliver something new yet instantly recognisable in its purpose and character, has certainly be an adventure. This project has also been a journey of my own style and technique, for which I am very grateful.

The environments for Bin weevils was always a challenging one. Actually a 3D world developed in Flash, I was part of the team that redeveloped its look. Using fix camera areas allowed us to create a more comic and fun style that was better optimised for the technology of the time. Developing interactive backgrounds with fun multiplayer games, environmental stories to push the narrative and bespoke rooms for ad campaigns. With the love and support of a very active fan base we were able to win the BAFTA Kids' Vote 'Best Website' four years running! we still hold the title.

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